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These are the times foretold in Native prophecies, when the First People of this continent will share their ways & encourage all people to undertake the journey toward healing their own race in the sacred hoop of nations.


Ohki’s book on modern matrifocal shamanism:

DREAMING THE COUNCIL WAYS: True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge,
Red Wheel/Weiser.


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A comprehensive & poetic reporting of long misunderstood ways of the Red Lodge of indigenous peoples. Forest offers compelling evidence that the perspective from the Red Lodge is what the world requires for individual & collective restoration to balance & well being. She shows in detail how the Red Lodge ways provide, through the Native Council & Medicine Wheel ways, an Earth-derived map to self-governance that modern people are questing for in many forms. With tremendous precision & clarity, she demonstrates how the Council ways prepares us to relate to planet & self in ways that naturally unmask & transform our egos, self-importance, isolating individualism & cultural trance. This is a powerful work to which those who study or practice shamanic work will refer again & again.


Collection of Native writers & Ohki’s essay on Maya resistance in Chiapas:

ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future,
Contributor, Inner Traditions / Bear & Company, 2008


Return of the Ancient Council Ways:
Indigenous Survival in Chiapas

Ohki’s Plenary talk at the 2005 Bioneers Conference appears in this collection of essays alongside Bioneers presenters John Mohawk, Paula Gunn Allen, Winona LaDuke, John Trudell, Oren Lyons & others. These powerful & inspiring essays range in topic from “Uncovering the Eco-Spiritual Values of the Original Instructions” to “Decolonization & Global Indigenous Struggles for Justice,” & more.

Bioneers Talks

Bioneers is an organization dedicated to inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other & future generations. Ohki has presented at their annual conferences in CA.

Bioneers Plenary DVD

RETURN OF THE ANCIENT COUNCIL WAYS: Indigenous Survival in Chiapas
In this highly-acclaimed plenary talk at Bioneers 2005, Ohki shares Maya, Mongolian & Mohawk prophecies that illuminate ancient wisdom pointing to the vital importance of supporting the Maya vanguard of resistance to globalized corporatism, & their dignified renewal of Earth ways. Ohki links the return of the Plumed Serpent with the Maya people of Chiapas, sharing several stories from their struggle.

Bioneers Panel CDs 2005-2008

WHEN WOMEN LEAD: A Panel with Ohki Forest, Nina Simons & others
Ohki’s earth-centered women’s wisdom on the prophesized coming Era of Woman, the power of reclaiming matrilineal ways & the natural economy of women given by the Earth shows paths to create revolutionary changes in these times. She shares examples of the power of circles of decided Native women in resisting violence & oppression from Canada to Chiapas.

To read an excerpt of Ohki’s talk Click Here


WOMEN & MONEY: A Panel with Ohki Forest, Rha Goddess & others
A wide ranging panel on women’s relationship to money where Ohki emphasizes the importance of women reasserting their proper place at the center of the community & as the ones most closely connected to the roots of a balanced economy.

Bioneers CD & DVD $15 each + shipping & handling
(978) 633-7388


Shamanic CDs

In the new dreaming awaiting us, we can go in any direction, all is possible, it just depends on us & the seeds we plant in our beings, our inner thoughts & consciousness.

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Red Wind Drumming CD

In Chiapas 2006 with a collective effort of Native musicians, Ohki created a Drum CD with an exquisite blend of pre-Colombian instruments to lead the spiritual seeker in shamanic journey. This CD contains 2 tracks, 30 min. each

Maya Water Dreaming

An inspiring & soothing experience to the rhythm of Mayan clay drums, ocarina flutes, sea conchs & gentle cascades in an atmosphere of magical jungle sounds. The regenerative music carries you into the realm of a dreaming journey with the elements of Water, Earth, Moon & the feminine source of all life.

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Spirit Vision Hunting

Associated with Spirit, Wind, Sun & Higher Self, journey to the steady beats of Native drums, the melody of cedar flute & Indian singing taking you to the Council of Chiefs, Thunder & Wolves. This centering journey helps you develop the capacity for manifesting & having clear purpose in your hunting.

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Shamanic Teaching CDs

8 CDs of Native Teachings that feature 4 Meditation CDs & 4 Journey CDs

Presented with a beautiful color booklet of teachings, Ohki brings spoken guidance & medicine through enlivening, gentle music to enhance your spiritual practice. Recorded 20 years ago in the jungle of Chiapas, Ohki is accompanied by her indigenous musicians on pre-Columbian Maya clay drums, bells & flutes.


4 Native Meditation CDs

The Medicine Wheel, for Sacred Purpose
One of the most ancient meditations, the Medicine Wheel trains the mind to be more circular, as opposed to linear thinking. It helps you to find your center & move from inside out, rather than outside in as in the common linear thinking that creates imbalances. Frequent practice helps you be grounded & present.

The Plumed Serpent, for Spiritual Revolution
The Maya foretold the return of the Plumed Serpent for these times as the high consciousness of a rising snake from underneath the Earth, shaking the world of patriarchal paradigms. This timely, enlightening meditation prepares you for new emerging energies. A healing meditation to develop your divinity within & help reduce personal concerns & self-grasping.

The Four Elements, for Divine Protection
This powerful meditation develops your relationship to the 4 Elemental spirits of Earth, Water, Fire & Air. By cultivating detachment & impersonality, & by developing gratitude toward nature’s gifts, you overcome fear, anxiety, depression & illness through the regular practice of this meditation where you learn essential Circles of Protection against negativity.

The Rainbow Warrioress, for Conscious Transformation
This meditation activates & heals your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies through the 7 colors of the rainbow & the 7 powers necessary for your sacred purpose. With Rainbow Warrioress you learn the qualities of different crystals to enhance your inner balance & daily awareness.


4 Native Journey CDs

The Regions of Mystery, Reach Universal Source
The Regions of Mystery are called Xibalba by the ancient Maya, which refers to the Underworlds. This profound journey is an initiation into Xibalba’s 9 passages in order to find the source of your being & all that exists in the universe. A journey
CD to gain awareness of your fears, clear inner shadows, & release suffering, hardships & obstacles.

The Cavern of Dreams, Enter Magical Reality
For eons, Natives have taught that the dreamtime is the reality & this reality is the dream. Gaining greater detachment in seeing daily reality as a dream helps you to not over-analyze or over-dramatize. In this journey, you are guided to travel to the Moon to enhance the power of your dream body & develop a greater connection to your dreams & spirit.

The Roots of Earth & The Voice of Void / both journeys on the same CD

The Roots of Earth, Feel Divine Passion
A profound journey to meet with Awehai, spirit goddess of Earth, & enter the sacred circle on her Turtle’s back where time & space are one. This journey helps rekindle the sacred flame of divine passion within you & reconnect with the totality of your true nature.

The Voice of Void, Hear the Power of Silence
This journey guides you to realize the nature of emptiness, where silence is beyond all sounds. In order to find our source & spirit within, we must hear with our eyes & see with our ears. Experience the nature of the Void, which is divine harmony living at the heart of the universe.

The Hands of Earth & The Eyes of Sun / both journeys on the same CD

The Hands of Earth, Touch the Sacred Dream
In Native ways, touching means not only touching with your hands, but also with your heart. Connect to the circle of sacred Life by feeling the hands of all people & celebrating together the flame of joy in the heart & dream of Earth for overcoming feelings of isolation & separateness.

The Eyes of Sun, See the Spirit World
This transformative journey develops your inner perception beyond the form & surface of things. Soar like an eagle into the light & shadows of the world for a deep reflection about your spiritual responsibility, & overcome the barriers of materialism & individualism within yourself.

Drum & Teaching CDs: $22 each / 1 Hour each
Full Set of 8 CDs: $170 + shipping & handling (978) 633-7388

Maya Crafts

Red Wind Councils, Ohki’s NGO, collaborates directly with some of the most talented Maya artisans in Chiapas. (CLICK HERE) Founded 32 years ago by original designer Ohki Forest to encourage the recovery of the exquisite Maya ancestral crafts, Red Wind Councils’ craft projects have brought the possibility of survival for hundreds of Maya craftspeople & their families. For information on the beautiful, one-of-a kind Maya crafts please contact