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Thanksgiving & Holiday 2017 Appeal
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CLICK HERE to read inspiring stories in the Red Wind Councils Holiday Newsletter on why supporting Maya women is more important than ever in the Era of Women’s Restitution.

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Donate to the Medicine Centers
When you donate by PayPal, please add 5% to cover the credit card processing fees so the Medicine Centers & the Maya people will receive the most benefit from your contribution.

Give of your soul in a gesture of perfect surrender. Then the Earth gives you the power, the understanding, & the infinite love to move mountains, to be aligned & to help align the world with her.

Ohki Forest

Donations directly help the Maya families served by Red Wind Councils who are reclaiming their ancient spirituality & a decent living, & sustain Ohki’s Medicine Centers in Chiapas. Your support of these brave efforts towards indigenous autonomy & traditional spiritual renewal create vital seeds of hope for 7 generations to come.

Spirit & Money

Natives at Red Wind Councils are hoping for donors & funding partners whose hearts & minds are opened to the preservation of the Circle of Life. Each donation made through Red Wind is received not simply as funds, but as a link of inter-relatedness in a shared struggle for dignified life on Earth. The indigenous people of Red Wind Councils consider every penny from your donations with your names & spirits attached, offering prayers of heartfelt gratitude & ceremonies for your well-being.



In making any law, our chiefs must always consider three things: the effect of their decision on peace; the effect on the natural world; & the effect on 7 generations.

— Carol Jacobs, Cayuga Iroquois Clan Mother

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