In the true circle of being, achievements are not what count, but rather the way you journey in your sacred circle & the dance of life. It is not what you achieve that counts, but how you achieve it, for real freedom is only given fully to those who are willing to embrace the responsibility for our beloved Earth.

Ohki Forest

Teaching Circles

The ancient lineage of teachings that Ohki carries provide a solid foundation for strong spiritual roots, clear discernment, & a proven path for ever-deepening awareness of the Great Mystery. These teachings, contained within Council Wheel ways & spiritual warriorship, offer a Map of Understanding for life & death, & have been called a “fast-track” for heightened spiritual development that leads us along an illuminating path to consciousness.


The primary teaching of the Great Wheel resides in learning the Rainbow Warrior ways, which is a path to self-respect, inner dignity, & loyalty to Spirit beyond our personal concerns & egoistic attitude.

Native teacher Ohki brings vital teachings on:
Spiritual Warriorship, Power Animal Helpers, Dream Body practices, Medicine Wheel, Tree of Life teachings, the Foundation Circles of Men & Women, Crow Council Ways, Earth Council of Mothers, guidance from the Council of Chiefs, 7 Mirrors of the Western wall, & the healing power of traditional Limpias, among others.

Her transformative teaching circles include guided meditations & journeys, drum circles, breathing & movement practices, ceremonies such as Sweat lodges, Fire dances, Earth Wheel practices, Limpia cleansing, & personal consultations through the Spirit world.

Supported by dedicated apprentices, her circles & ceremonies are strong, beautiful & filled with the power of these sweet Medicine ways.

Upcoming Events

Ohki travels to North America where she teaches in various areas. You can find her program of events here.


North America Events

Ohki offers spiritual retreats, drum circles, & Native healing ceremonies.  She is also available for private consultations with her Spirit guides for power animal retrievals, readings & personal clearings & healings.  Fair trade Maya crafts are also available at each of the following locations:

Santa Fe, New Mexico Teaching Program
April 30 to June 2, 2018

CLICK HERE for the full program of drum circles, day-long retreats & sacred ceremonies taking place at The Red Wind Center of Santa Fe.