Ancient Teachings


The Red Lodge

Entering the Red Lodge means to expose & embrace yourself as you are, with all that you are, to be disposed to hear, to unveil to truth, to learn true courage & to deepen your sense of spirit.

An invitation from Ohki to enter the Red Lodge

Whenever you truly birth into the Red Lodge of Native people & our ancestors, you discover a vision that one day grows to be yours. It is a vision of the universe birthing & drumming strongly in your heart, pounding steadily with your every thought & every movement of your soul. The Red Lodge is welcoming you to touch this incredible vision of life, encouraging you to walk into this passage to perceive this glimpse of beauty. You, whoever you are, whatever the color of your skin for the true Red Lodge will always be a Rainbow Lodge in essence. The ancient Native teachings have come to us, arising from an unbroken lineage. They carry the power, wisdom & introspection of wise people who, for thousands of years, improved upon them & evolved with the teachings & careful observations of the path to life & death. These are the times to meet within the rainbow bridge of all the hoops of nations. These are the times foretold in Native prophecies, when the first people of this continent will share their ways & encourage people to undertake the journey toward healing their own race in the sacred hoop of nations.

When we were young it was shameful to be Indian, but Natives today are proud of their heritage because times are changing. Native people are now reclaiming their roots. The ancestors, several generations ago, foresaw the terrible happenings coming on the land & made powerful ceremonies for 7 generations ahead not to forget the ancient ways. This was their tremendous gift for humanity, and for this, there is a great resurgence of Native cultures. In their great bounty, the ancestors even made ceremonies for the non-Native people of this continent to one day be open to share with us. Now this is happening. Many non-natives are hearing the call of the Indian ancestors in the Earth re-emerging, & hearing their voice, their ancient wisdom.

Now more than ever, people of all colors are entering the Red Lodge with a genuine desire to uncover their true spirits, to discover something purer & closer to their nature. When you lean on the sacred Mother & bring your ear closer to her, you hear the Natives whispering in unison: “We, the First Nations, original people of this land of the 3 Americas, we are back after this long period of adversity & we wish to speak of our dignity & love for the Earth. We may have been despised & forgotten, but we are here & have not surrendered. Now we are back, for our dead have always been alive.” The Ancestors are buried in this very Earth, they are everywhere around you in this great continent of Star Turtle. They are whispering now in your ears & awakening you. And this can only be given to those who are worthy of these truths & can hold the sacred dream of the Earth.

For real consciousness is an inner pressure that keeps you from living in self-satisfaction. It holds your heart down close to Sacred Earth so you do not forget, so you can listen to the great Vastness of the Earth with your amazed soul.

I warmly invite you to join me in the Red Lodge with open hearts & a deep wish for learning the immense legacy of spiritual truths held for all by the First Americans,

Ohki Forest

Please Note: The information presented here, in Ohki’s book & in her teaching seminars is intended for personal use only. Due to the powerful & deeply transformative nature of these teachings, Ohki does not grant permission to people to teach her ways in any form unless they receive proper initiation by her & her Council of guides.


Council Ways

The Council way is the oldest way to relate to one another within a community. Natives are usually raised to think of our community first & how our actions affect the larger wheel. This brings an advanced spiritual consciousness which is the highest form of politics.

The Council ways, based on the ancient Native Medicine Wheel, teach effective principles of indigenous wisdom with the aim of igniting spiritual transformation in all of us. The gift of this wisdom, shared so generously by Native people today, awakens us to the necessity of embracing this reciprocal sharing. Council Ways do not offer a romantic vision of a perfect society. This is not a Utopia. This natural model, based on the sacred dance of Earth & Sky, leads men & women to a great point of balance. This ancient example has created some of the most stable & free societies that ever existed. Exemplifying the circular principles that hold the universe together, these Council principles resolve many human, cultural differences, & provide a map for directing our awareness & actions. They offer a matchless model for harmonizing all the tendencies of a society, both democratic & communal, leading us toward a united government guided by the people themselves. These important ancient archetypes are now re-emerging in one of the most balanced approaches to relating to one another in a larger planetary sense. Council Ways are primarily a way to heal the planet, encompassing the highest universal laws by including the most extreme forms of thinking, whether religious, political, or social, through weaving circles of inner freedom.

The most transcendent principle within the Council laws is inclusiveness of all. This is entirely opposite to the separation of individualism. Many people in the Western world carry a long individualistic tradition that has lost the understanding of how to live in community. As we all can easily observe, the majority of our human problems come from our dealings with others, whether in institutions or as individuals. In the Medicine Wheel, everyone stands equal to everyone else, always possessing the freedom of choice, the power of decision, which must be respected by all. There are inherent laws, essential to collective awareness that are beyond any particular & individual differences. Council Ways, as a model of growth, teach us that discerning knowledge & a sound disposition when relating to others are essential. This is true whether we talk of our relationship with our neighbors or the destiny of a nation.

The Touching of souls, as we call it in Native ways, the true meeting of people, re-creates true sisterhood & brotherhood. Unfortunately this has been almost lost in the genetic memory of humanity after an era that indulged in thousands of wars. Many people have lost contact with the profundity of their true soul. Thus, these ancient ways offer a natural path for the necessary healing in resolving internal & external conflicts, & have the power to heal hostile separation. Council Ways unite all ideologies & respect every position at the Center of the Wheel, the sacred Fire of people, which symbolizes the self-responsibility of everyone to the larger circle. In this change of Eras, ancient Council Ways will, one day, provide one of the most powerful collective mirrors for helping everyone in their spiritual advancement & for relating to one another.

Patricia Worth’s Interview with Ohki on Native Council Ways:
Ancient Earth Wisdom: A Path of Healing for the Present


Indigenous Prophecies beyond 2013

The transformation of the patriarchal paradigm will not happen on its own, but requires “a revolution by & for the Earth”. We have to enlarge our human Tree of Consciousness & for this we decisively need strong roots.

Shifting into more circular & reciprocal ways is the best way of organizing ourselves in human societies in order to face the massive challenges that humanity must contend with today. According to ancient Maya, Mongolian & Mohawk prophecies, the time has come for this unprecedented shift. In her book, Dreaming the Council Ways, Ohki shares about the fascinating correlation between the prophecies of such distant cultures. Native visionaries of all times predicted that the people of the Americas would return eventually to the wisdom of Council Ways. For it is critical to undo the harm unleashed by the arrogance of imperialism & to re-balance the ways of the people with the natural world.

The Era of Women

In Mongolian prophecies, shamans talk about a change of eras starting in 1985. Humanity is leaving the Era of Man, which has lasted for 5,400 years, & we are entering into the Era of Woman for that same amount of time. This means the return of feminine consciousness, & it is called the Restitution of Women, a form of cosmic restitution given naturally in women’s wombs. We can easily observe how, over several decades now, many women everywhere, even in the most suppressed corners of the world, are waking up suddenly & reclaiming their authentic place & power at the center of their communities.

The Return of Council Ways

Iroquois prophets long ago predicted that their Council form of government, the League of Peace, will be reawakening in people’s awareness in these times for deeply healing the continent. Having survived the conquest intact, this advanced form of government offers a model of resilient balance to the world. Here, communal & democratic ways merge in a perfect symbiosis & bring respect, dignity & vision to the people. Council Ways, in the Iroquois government, gives much power to the Mothers’ Clans. This means a return to balance &, once more, the Feminine. Native people know that women are the primary entrance the most powerful elemental force & the entrance to the universe for all children. And there can be no true government if it is not based on this sacred principle, which at the human level is the mother, & at the communal level is Mother Earth, for she has given birth to us all.


Our native Chiefs must be enlightened beings & must hold the power at the center of the Wheel as living models of justice & clarity. By seeing the heart of each man, feeling the womb of each woman, & hearing the cry of each child, they understand that the true Touching of brothers & sisters is the only important reality that brings unity of all of us.

The Maya 5th Sun

The synchronicity of this prophecy astoundingly corresponds to the return of the Plumed Serpent & the Feminine, with the entrance in 2012 into the 5th Sun of the Maya. In the Maya return, old patriarchal paradigms have to be shed, shaken off. In this passage, it is said that humanity is called to simply open & not be afraid, that men must relinquish their ancient burden of wars & that women take their place at the center of the communities. Women are natural teachers & must show the way for our children to live in accordance & harmony with our beloved Earth. Moreover, the ancient Maya prophecies indicate that after the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, the 3rd eye of the Americas, centered in Palenque, Chiapas, would open & awaken consciousness as a Plumed Serpent throughout the Americas from under the ground, upwards. As a promise of this return, the Zapatista uprising in 1994, the only large protest against the NAFTA treaties & globalization, was recognized by the Maya as a primary manifestation of these prophecies. Many Maya consider that Subcomandante Marcos embodies the promised return of the Plumed Serpent, Kukulcan, who pledged a thousand years ago to liberate his Maya people after 1987. Millions of Mayas, who had been broken by the Spanish conquest, reclaimed justice & dignity. Out of the blue & from their collective memories, they created their indigenous councils in a form very similar to the Iroquois way of government, thus fulfilling their prophecy. Emerging powerfully from this uprising thousands of indigenous, illiterate & oppressed Maya women rose in unison & wrote their own constitution for their women’s rights & protection, which governs their lives to this day.


When people & governments base the values of a society on creating positive & alternative ways of living, rather than on creating competition & fierce violence, when people are encouraged to demonstrate lasting, creative initiatives, & when humility, kindness & honesty are valued in cultural education rather than a false sense of power, only then will the Lodges of people flourish in health.

Global Transformation

We are indeed living in an incredible time, one of a growing awareness of the restituted power of people within each one of us. Nevertheless, it appears to many people that the whole planet resides in a boiling condition, seemingly crumbling under massive problems. It looks as if the planetary situation dwells in a more terrible conjuncture than ever, hardly unfolding naturally & painlessly toward a new dawn. In reality, we now just have to make up for eons of a counter-spinning cycle. Clearly, the task is major. Since the Harmonic Convergence, the Maya return foretold that humanity began its ascent into the Cosmic Tree of life, the Upperworlds, after an interminable descent for thousands of years into the Underworlds where the insensibility & cruelty of our human ignorance reached chasms of horrors. Today, in the beginning of our Upperworld ascent, any attempt to make positive change creates a good & direct repercussion on the planet, even on a small scale. This is the announced period of purification before the coming leap in our human evolution. And global communication today is shifting the balance for the better; it will not be possible for much of the world’s corruption & impunity to be kept hidden & exonerated for much longer. For the ancient predictions depict a fight between the arrogant & the humble man, a struggle in which true humility will vanquish over arrogance. At last. This will herald the eventual transformation of pyramidal societies & the establishment of egalitarian societies, a great return to the ancient native Council Ways as an essential model of life for all people.

Our beloved Earth is undergoing a major shamanic rite of passage into the small death passage before her rebirth. It is the return to the center of the spiral, to our original nature as humans. In this period of great purification, we are falling into the void of the Zero & there is nothing we can hang onto, absolutely nothing, until we land on the authentic dreaming of our humanity, of being together. The Mayas knew that the return to the clockwise cycle today propels us toward the complete transmutation of the dominant Western linear mind that has ruled & coerced us for centuries an old, decayed skin about to be shed.

Based on scientific materialism, with the thought that Earth is dead matter to be exploited, our Mother has been un-sacredly called “dirt” as in dirty. This is a deeply imbalanced thinking that considers its very Mother dirty & undignified. It is crucial that this notion of the superiority of humankind experience a tremendous & sudden shift. Yet, the transformation of the patriarchal paradigm will not happen on its own. It requires a revolution by & for the Earth from us all by collectively reclaiming the great Mother’s Voice, Heart & Dream. In this transformative passage, we have to enlarge our human consciousness beyond our shadows & little egos, & for this we decisively need strong roots. In the new dreaming awaiting us, we can go in any direction, all is possible & in our favor, it just depends on us & the seeds, be they full of beauty or terror, that we wish to plant in our very beings, our inner thoughts & consciousness for the future of the Coming Faces, the next generations.